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Survey – Do I need one?

The commonest mistake made by home buyers is not having a survey done prior to purchasing a property.

Why is this a mistake? Without an ALTA (American Land Title Association) survey you have no recourse if at a later date it is found that your fences encroach on a neighbor’s land or that there are rights to easement by one of the service companies (this means that an electric, sewerage or water company has access rights to your property to carry out maintenance and repair). Consider the examples where a property owner has built a garage over part of the access rights and these service companies have then been known to remove the garage to carry out maintenance.

However, most problems arise when improvements done to the property such as patios, pools, drives, garages and building extensions are either outside the building limits or encroach on a neighbor’s property. An ALTA Land Survey would DEFINE the dimensions of the lot and the POSITIONS of easements and building limits. Very importantly, they OUTLINE any improvements (garage, pool, patios, house, drive, etc.) and show whether they encroach upon a neighbor’s property, are outside building limits or create a barrier to access.

When Do You Need A Survey?

Frequently people need the services of a Professional Surveyor and Mapper, although many only require this service once or twice in their lifetime. This is usually in connection with the acquisition of real estate, generally the purchase or refinancing of a home. Some examples of when a Survey would be needed are:

Before…Land title is transferred
Before…Land is subdivided
Before…Land is developed by construction of roads, buildings, fences, etc.
Before…A boundary dispute arises

Who Is Qualified?

By Florida Law, only those persons licensed by the State of Florida pursuant to Chapter 472 Florida Statutes may practice surveying and mapping.

What are the Types of Surveys?

Topographic Surveys
Boundary Surveys
Construction Staking
Improvement Surveys
Subdivision Platting
Flood Zone Determination
As-built Surveys
Elevation Certificates
ALTA Surveys
Commercial/Residential Layout
Extensive Research
Wetzone Survey

How Much Will A Survey Cost?

Professional surveying and mapping costs are dependent upon many factors such as the type of survey required, availability of existing records and monuments, the type of terrain and location of the work to be performed.Competitive bidding for the lowest costs does not necessarily assure the best interest of the client or the professional surveyor and mapper.